PERTH, WA, November 2023

"Bone Night": Illuminating the Future of Orthopaedics

Bone night presenters
L-R: Associate Professor Brett Robertson (AIRO), Mr Samuel Withers (AIRO), Mr Mingxin Ye (FRF), Dr Jessica Kretzmann (FRF) and Dr James Arvanitakis (FRF).

"Bone Night," a collaborative event between AIRO and the Forrest Research Foundation (FRF), was recently held at Forrest Hall. This event highlighted notable advancements in the field of orthopaedic research and bone health, reflecting ongoing progress in medical technology.

Mr. Samuel Withers of AIRO: Introducing Robotic-Assisted Laser Bone Shaping
Samuel Withers, a Senior Mechatronic Engineer at AIRO, showcased the company's groundbreaking advancements in robotic-assisted laser bone shaping. This innovative technique is set to transform the landscape of knee arthroplasty. With the support of the prestigious NiPhD Scholarship and in collaboration with the University of Western Australia, Sam is gearing up to pursue a PhD. His research will focus on bringing this cutting-edge laser bone shaping technology to clinical practice, aiming to drastically improve patient outcomes.

Mr. Mingxin Ye from FRF: Exploring Bioceramic Scaffolds
Mingxin Ye, a PhD Scholar at the Forrest Research Foundation, shared his research on bioceramic scaffolds. Moving beyond traditional titanium implants, his work explores the use of non-toxic ceramics to facilitate bone regeneration, potentially reducing complications associated with current implant technologies.

Dr. Jessica Kretzmann of FRF: Investigating DNA Origami
Dr. Jessica Kretzmann, a fellow at FRF, presented her research on DNA origami. Her work combines elements of chemistry, engineering, and biology, exploring the potential applications of DNA structures in medical treatments and surgical techniques.

This unique gathering brought together professionals, students, and science enthusiasts, highlighting the ever-changing landscape of medical science. The event was a deep dive into the latest advancements in orthopaedics, providing insights into the future of medical treatments and patient care. It was a remarkable demonstration of Western Australia's position as a global leader in both commercial innovation and scientific breakthroughs.

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