Intelligently shaping the future of orthopaedics

AIRO is committed to raising the global standard of care in orthopaedics by developing the means to restore an individual's pre-disease or pre-injury joint function through intelligent joint resurfacing. To meet this objective AIRO is developing two platform technologies:

Now is the time to deliver tomorrow

Sub-millimetre precision
High speed
Non-contact and eye safe
Knee motion
Superior joint kinematics
Spirit level
Optimal positioning and joint alignment
Natural post operative feedback via ligament retention
Preservation of healthy bone
3D axis
3D contour shaping unlocks implant design constraints
3D printer
Pairing with customised implants
Optimal bone bed surface for cementless application
Computer chip
Intelligent systems
Robot arm
Advancement of existing Gen 1.0 robotic units


Strong scientific pre-clinical evidence in development.

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Computer-assisted Surgery in Revision Total Knee Replacement: A Description of the Technique
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A Review of the Physiological and Histological Effects of Laser Osteotomy
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Patient dissatisfaction following total knee arthroplasty: A systematic review of the literature
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Component alignment and clinical outcome following total knee replacement: a randomised controlled trial comparing an intramedullary system with patient-matched instrumentation.
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