“The AIRO-x system of next-generation orthopaedic implants will change the practice of orthopaedics as we know it today.

— Professor Riaz Khan, Co-Founder and Director

AIRO-x™ design concept
AIRO-x design concept v1

Introducing the AIRO-x System of Next-Generation Orthopaedic Implants

The sub-millimetre cutting accuracy of HAiLO combined with the realtime feedback of AIROscan has faciliated the development of the next generation of orthopaedic joint prosthetics.

No longer constrained by conventional flat cuts from mechanical saws, AIRO utilises HAiLO to create a proprietary bone surface pattern for immediate stable fixation and allowing for a tailored and ergonomic resurfacing implant.

3D axis
3D laser shaping unlocks new improved designs
>50% preservation of healthy bone
Retained ligaments enhance natural post-operative feel
Knee motion
Natural joint mechanics
Laser preparation removes the need for bone cement
3D graph
Proprietary bone surface pattern for immediate stable fixation