“Through HAiLO we’ve created the ability to provide a truly customised surgical solution for every patient.

— A/Prof. Brett Robertson, CEO/Managing Director

HAiLO™ design concept v4
HAiLO design concept v4

Introducing HAiLO

To overcome the limitations of current outdated and inaccurate handheld and hand guided mechanical bone cutting tools and to help restore a patient’s natural joint function, AIRO has developed a high-speed intelligent laser osteotomy system called HAiLO. Our system unites high speed precision laser shaping, surgical robotics, 3D digital sensing, intelligent computer control and real time feedback, allowing surgeons to plan and execute precise customised patient specific procedures.

The Laser Difference

High speed
Surface join
Optimal bone bed surface for cementless application
Sub-millimetre precision
3D axis
3D laser shaping unlocks new improved designs
Surfaces seperate

Laser Focused

A specially-developed, intelligently controlled, high intensity laser lies at the heart of HAiLO. Our system delivers unparalleled cutting precision and bulk bone shaping to the sub-millimetre level, with the promise to transform current orthopaedic practice and associate patient outcomes.

We have created a system that complements and enhances a surgeon’s skill and overcomes the daily frustrations they experience with current antiquated mechanical tools. Surgeons will be able to plan, monitor and deliver customised surgical procedures, uniquely tailored to each patient. The precise fit between the bone and the implant will avoid the need for bone cement, maximising the investment in bio active implant surface coatings.

Global Demand Driving Innovation

By transforming post-operative outcomes, HAiLO directly addresses the desire of patients across the world to return to their pre-disease or injury way of life as quickly as possible.